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testimonials page two

"Lisa has just taught my 7 year old niece and my 6 year old son who has autism. I can't believe what a wonderful job she has done they are both riding with confidence. Her service goes above and beyond. AMAZING!!!"

Mrs V Hulme (Blackpool) Overwhelmed mum

"My 7 year old daughter had been too frightened to learn to ride a bike but was becoming embarrassed that all her friends could ride and she couldn't. So I contacted Lisa and 2 very emotional hours later she was riding unaided. In my daughter's case it was her psychology rather than physical ability that was holding her back. I think this was a real challenge as my daughter's fear made her emotional and actually dangerous as she kept slamming on her brakes or putting her feet down. With all this to contend with Lisa slowly worked on her confidence and she can now ride. Thank you Lisa!"

Tamora Shemwood (Keighley)

"Today Lisa has taught both our six year old twins how to ride a bike from scratch in just under 2 hours- amazing! She is very clear in her teaching, extremely encouraging and also knowledgeable about all aspects of cycling. The twins really liked and trusted her. Our eldest daughter, who can already ride and owns a bike, came along initially just to watch the lesson-however, once Lisa had sorted her bike out and given her some really valuable advice about her technique, she was also cycling around with increased confidence for the whole session. Once the twins could ride the bikes provided by Lisa, we bought similar ones. Lisa took care in choosing and assembling them for us, an impressive service which was greatly appreciated. Lisa is worth every bit of her fee and we would recommend her to all who wish to either learn how to bike or improve their technique. Her attention to detail from initial contact by email right through to the end of our time with her was fantastic."

The Sample family (Nr Wigan)

"If i could describe how i felt after watching my 6 1/2 year old son be taught how to ride a bike by Lisa in one word it would be STUNNED!. Max could ride a bike with stabilisers (sort of) and was petrified of falling off. After 1 hr Max had mastered his balance and by 2 hours was riding his own bike with no stabilisers. Lisa is an amazing teacher and put Max at ease. She made it fun. The best decision I made was selecting Lisa to teach my son how to ride a bike. Just AMAZING"

Helen Edmondson (nr Leigh)

"Our Son Alex, 7.5 years has always been keen on bikes, but with little free time to teach him we decided to call Lisa to see if she could help. From the minute we met her we sensed a sincere trustworthy, experienced lady who has a great personality and is easy to get on with. Alex took to her straight away and was happy and keen to learn. Within the hour we had a call saying he was cycling on his own and "come and see how he is doing". Lisa likes to have an interactive section not just with the pupil but with the parents so that they can continue the tuition. Her style is fun and relaxed and all of us felt at ease with her. We would strongly recommend Lisa to anyone, child or adult who wants to master cycling.Thanks Lisa xxx"

Keith and Jackie McArdle (Wirral)

"Lisa was fantastic with my 2 daughters who are 7 & 9. She filled them both with confidence and had them riding in no time. Highly recommended, thanks Lisa"

Stephen Mathieson - Happy Dad (Prenton)

"My son was transformed from a nervous novice to a smiling happy bike rider in under an hour of tuition with Lisa. He is now looking forward to more advanced training with Lisa in a couple of months. Many thanks."

Jessica Shaw (Alfreton)

"Lisa had both my kids riding bikes without stabilisers within an hour! She then helped to select suitable bikes for them both and assembled them. I can't thank her enough for her patience. I would definitely recommend Lisa"

Niki Marston (Lymm)

"Lisa Costa bike trainer extraordinaire. I was blown away with how quickly Lisa managed to get my just 7 year old daughter riding a bike WITHOUT stabilisers. Immediately I could see my daughter feel confident in Lisa's presence and belief in her and Lisa's little mantras worked wonders and relaxed what could have been a very difficult transition for my daughter. Unbelievably my daughter was riding unaided within 30 minutes- Yes 30 minutes, WOW!! The remainder of the lesson was then spent perfecting her braking and steering and with each passing minute my daughters confidence grew with Lisa's wonderful teaching manner. I have no hesitation in recommending Lisa 110%. I would also like to add that Lisa recommended a different bike as my daughters wasn't really suitable due to it being very heavy. Whilst my daughter was having her lesson I went to purchase the new bike and Lisa then kindly built it to my daughter's height etc. We are very grateful Lisa for your above and beyond help!"

Anthea Marsland - Proud Mum (Northwich)

"Thank you Lisa on getting me to ride a bike from scratch, never had the opportunity when I was younger. Through your creative learning - I was up and riding away within an hour. You help build my confidence and was a good listener and teacher, in helping me try new ideas and having the courage to get finally on a bike and up and running. Thank you Lisa for showing me the wonder of learning how to ride a bike."

Brad M (Milton Keynes) Older bike learner

"We contacted Lisa regarding the Bikeability Level 2 course as we have 10 year old twins who could ride a bike, but unfortunately due to a busy main road near where we live, we did not have the confidence to allow them to cycle off our cul-de-sac to their friends. After an action packed full day our children, along with one of their friends and their father, came home having learnt so much. Lisa made it fun for them all which, as we know, is the best way for any child to learn. Lisa?s teaching has given them, and us, the confidence to cycle on the roads safely and given the children the independence they need. It was money well spent! We cannot thank Lisa enough and would definitely recommend her"

Lynne & James Waddicor - Very Happy Parents! (Blackburn)

"Just want to say a big thankyou to Lisa for teaching both of my daughters yesterday, my eyes still can't believe that both can ride bikes by themselves. Lisa is a great instructor with a lot of experience and a very nice person, it was great meeting her I'm very pleased I found her to teach my two daughters. Once again thanks Lisa for your time and extra effort. xx Naila"

Naila Parveen (Blackburn)

"Hi Lisa , thank you very much for your time, effort and skill on Monday. The kids and I all loved it and they are undoubtably much much better riders since participating in your course. I'd whole heartedly recommend you to anyone. Thanks again and take care."

Paul Goodwin (Littleborough)

"Thank you so much for your fantastic teaching for my daughter. You went the extra mile. Lovely to meet you."

Katie Roy - Happy mum (nr Milton Keynes)

"Thank you Lisa for giving all my 3 children the priceless gift of the biking bug! I don't know how you did it, it was like watching a magic trick seeing you transform my 2 eldest from nervous, reluctant novices to keen enthusiasts who now have races and timed circuits round the park. Plus giving my youngest at 4 yrs the knowledge and confidence to get himself going in 5 minutes flat! I can't thank you enough, it is such a pleasure to see them having so much fun, what a difference a day makes!!"

Catherine B (Sheffield) - Over the moon!

"I still cannot believe it! This morning my 9 year old son could not ride his bike and in less than 30 minutes he could. Lisa was absolutely brilliant. I had read previous testimonals and they were spot on, no exaggeration. We had tried to teach our son to ride his bike for a few years now, off and on with no success and it usually ended in tears. I nearly cried when I saw my son ride his bike for the first time and I could see that he too was bursting with pride. Lisa is a lovely lady and a brilliant teacher. She spent the first 20 mins adjusting his bike (brakes seat etc)she is so knowledgable and just fills you with confidence. I don't know what else to say other than...I was expecting to pay a lot more than I did and would have and it would still have been worth every penny. Thanks Lisa x."

J Horne (Walsall)

"My 9 year old daughter had a real, unexplained, phobia about learning to ride her bike. She has done a Bikability course with her school, not very productive, and has made me very frustrated on many occasions. Under Lisa's instruction she nailed it in less than 1 hour and we are now happily and regularly practicing to improve her skills and confidence. Can't thank Lisa enough for her friendly and warm manner and for teaching my daughter that she can-can-can and that she is the boss of her bike! My daughter thinks she is AMAZING x"

Jackie Brown - Happy Mum (Derbyshire)

"My 10 year old son had been struggling to learn to ride a bike for some years; Lisa had him cycling within a couple of hours! She taught him with humour and complete confidence that he would succeed. After a morning with Lisa we had a newly repaired and modified bike and a very happy boy. I can't thank Lisa enough and would recommend her to anyone who wants to learn to cycle."

Amy C - Delighted Mum (Cheltenham)

"Hi Lisa! Just to say a big thank you for teaching Jack and Sophie to ride a bike! Both Dan and I never thought we'd see that day that Jack would ride a bike due to him being dyspraxic, but within one hour, he was off and away!! Your enthusiasm to cycling and ability to pass on your knowledge in a child friendly way was totally amazing. Thanks so much Lisa!!!!!"

Christine Harrison (Wigan)

"My 10 year old son couldn't ride a bike and he was very nervous, had absolutely no confidence and whenever my husband and I tried to teach him it ended in tears, arguments and the bike been left on the side! I contacted Lisa and from the onset she was very professional. She arrived promptly on the day, instantly put my son at ease and within less than 30 minutes the most incredible thing happened! My son could ride a bike!!! I could not believe how easy Lisa made it. My son had gone from not wanting to ride to riding around with a big smile and confidence within 30 minutes! Lisa also spent some time setting his bike up but it became apparent that the bike was unsuitable and needed a new one. Lisa offered to come to Halfords with us, chose a bike for us, and made the bike up. He was soon riding around the carpark on his new bike!! Lisa is amazing and I cannot rate the whole experience highly enough. Highly recommend!!"

Karen W (Wolverhampton) Very happy Mum!!

"Neither of our girls (aged 9 and 6) were able to ride a bike and were very nervous about learning. Within 1 hour Lisa had got my elder daughter riding and by the end of the session both were riding - something that we had been unable to do. Lisa was excellent and very patient which was exactly what our girls needed. It was really interesting for me to learn some of the theory as well and the benefit of learning from a professional was that she established good habits from the start. Thanks Lisa!"

Sarah Ainslie (Wakefield) Successfully trained 2 very nervous girls!

"We have been trying unsuccessfully to teach our son to ride his bike for the past 3 years. This has led to many tears, a lot of frustration and little boy who had developed an increasing fear of getting on his bike. Lisa was fantastic, very patient and encouraging (it needed a lot of that) and eventually after an hour of tears we managed to get Oscar on the bike and enjoying himself. Within two hours he was cycling away, stopping turning and having a great time. Lisa is a great teacher, clearly has a passion for what she does and made the whole experience fun for all of us. I was amazed at the progress she made in such a short period of time and can't tell you how relieved I feel that we finally got over what had become a bit of an elephant in the room in our house. I would definitely recommend Lisa to anyone, great fun and great results. Thanks Lisa!!"

Rachel Ward - Relieved Mum (Manchester)

"Lisa taught my 2 teenagers how to ride safely on main roads, the content of the course was amazing and both teenagers learnt basics and in depth coverage of how to cycle correctly alongside main stream traffic, they are no longer scared of riding in the road with cars and lorries, as a parent the reassurance this course gives is priceless! Thank you Lisa"

Mrs Blair - Reassured Mom (Birmingham)

"I still can hardly believe it. We spent 3 years on and off trying to teach our daughter to ride her bike with no joy. Lisa had her cycling round our village hall car park in 90 mins. Truly amazing. I cannot thank her enough or recommend her highly enough."

Victoria Advani (nr Worcester) - thrilled mother

"Lisa adjusted my son's new bike, demonstrated the things he needed to know, then put him on it and the magic happened. I never thought that within 40 minutes he would be able to ride. What a truly amazing process with positive results. I would highly recommend Lisa to any parent who wants their child to learn to ride and to those parents of children who are different for any reason, I would definitely let Lisa help. She helped us."

Eileen Barnes (Oldham)

"My daughter had cycled with stabilisers since she was 3 but as she grew due to falling off had a mental block about cycling without them. Now she is 11 it was time to do this and Lisa was fantastic. Her caring and very laid back approach soon put my daughter at ease and within half an hour she was cycling on her own- fantastic we couldn't believe it Then came practice and then cone work at a slow pace- all completed, all within 4 hours!! Thank you so much we are truly grateful"

Cath Bayley (Leicester)

Lisa is a great teacher, very patient and understanding. I take my 7 year old son to school by bicycle and he has been desperate to cycle on the road, but I wanted him to have proper tuition first. Lisa did BikeAbility level 2 for my son and a school friend, and I joined in too. My son learnt a huge amount and there were some surprises for me too (the thinking has changed a bit since I did cycling proficiency 30 years ago!). I would definitely recommend Lisa, she's a fabulous teacher .

Angela Ison - Satisfied customer (Lancashire)

"Wow, what can I say. My husband and I have been trying to teach our 8 year old daughter to ride her bike on and off for the last 4 years without success. Today after less than 1 hour and 30 minutes Lisa had got Megan riding her bike, I just couldn't believe it. Lisa is such a caring lady who has got so much patience and passion for what she does and she treats each child as an individual and makes them feel special. She is a wonderful wonderful lady who underestimates exactly what she has done for all the people she has helped in her career. If it wasn't for Lisa we wouldn't have a little girl who has gone to bed tonight so so happy that she can finally say she can ride her bike. Thank you Lisa xx"

Helen Gelder (Rotherham) Proud Mum

"Lisa is a star! We have been trying on & off for 4 years to get our 8 year old son Alex to ride a bike with no success. We really thought Lisa would have met her match with him but to our amazement she had him pedalling on his own within half an hour! She even came with us to buy him a suitable bike, built it & fitted it to meet his requirements. She has a great personality & really made it fun for Alex who was extremely nervous. He went to bed with a huge smile on his face last night. Thank you so much Lisa, we're so grateful to you."

Ronnie & Angela Gallacher (Wigan) Delighted parents!

"At the age of 51 I decided to conquer my fears and at last learn to ride a bike. Others had tried and failed to teach me. I came across Lisa following an internet search and after reading her testimonials booked a lesson. Within 20 minutes she had me riding competently - and by the end of 2 hours or so doing figures of 8, weaving in between cones and controlling the bike. I felt fantastic - such an achievement. Thanks Lisa."

Tracy W - Happy Biker (West Yorkshire)

*our clients' testimonials say it all*

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